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Languages: Assembler 390, Cobol, PLI, REXX (no language but...LE/370)
Operating systems: VSE/ESA down to the bit
MVS (z/OS) good applicationprogrammer
Subsystems: CICS/TS (any version)

Activities (as of April 2018):
  • Performance-analysis (does this application fit onto the current load?),
  • Programarchaeology (can we use the knowledge burried in legacy programs?),
  • LE-Conversion (is R13 realy unused and R2 nowhere used as base?),
  • Exit-programming in CICS (who is allowed to issue SPOOLOPEN?), REXX, POWER and LE. See also under FREEWARE,
  • EXCI counterpart to "call" batch-routines from CICS,
  • DEBUGer based on TRAP/RP instructions instead of interrupt driven techniques,
  • conversion of COMMAREA based CICS-Programs to CONTAINER and SOAP-services
  • HLASM course-developement for new possiblilities on z-Series
  • Conversion from a microfiche based archive to a CICS/TS solution with PDFs
  • various courses around CICS/TS and the web
  • almost everything around CMT/SCRT/MWLC in z/VSE and z/OS
  • SOAP (or REST) connection of existing CICS programms to other non-MF-systems
  • numerous tiny QA pgms to verify identical interfaces (z/OS to product on linux)
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