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This free piece of software was created using TRAPPER for CICS on the 1.4. level as base. Some of the functions do not make sense for the batch-brother, but were left in for compatibility with the CICS product.

The main purpose of this free offer is to promote the TRAPPER for CICS. The handling is the same, except that all the displayed info is about F4 and not about another task in the same CICS.

The Problem:

For debugging batch-assembler-programs you can use the interactive trace, which is invoked with // EXEC .....,TRACE. This little IBM-tool does all communication via the console.

The result is that all messages/displays are mixed with the regular console communication.
This makes it very hard to concentrate on the task of debugging.

Debugging of a REXX-function is almost impossible with this approach.

The Idea:

TRAPPER for CICS does work and is a handy tool for debugging on instruction-level. Separating the code for interception (all around the TRAP/RP instructions) and the code for displaying could easy be done.
Because of the unique technique to intercept execution, one can even debug STXIT PC routines and such. During the execution of the code to debug no alteration to rights or keys is needed.

Artificial restrictions: Only programs running in F4 can be debugged with TRAPPER for Batch.


VSE 2.1 or above (VSE 2.7 and above runs on CPUs that must have this feature).
      A CPU supporting TRAP and RP
4K in a load-library for a batch program
31K in a load-library for a CICS program

How do I find out if my CPU has it or not:

Very easy: install it and use TRAPBAT1- If it does not have it it will programcheck operation exception. You wasted 1 second for the download and another 2 minutes for install and JCL-modifications.

How to get it:

To get a copy click here.
For support of source in HLASM install this on top. It would be nice, if you contact me at for positive feedback.