The problem:

There is no way to sample what goes on in a partition at regular intervals for a defined period. The only commercial product (AFAIK) is STROBE, but only for the other op-sys.

(new since 4/Aug/2012)

z/VSE 5.1 support

Profiler works the same in 5.1 - it needs a tiny modification. Until the support for z10 and z11 (or z196/z114) is ready for the road- this will do:
+282 VER= D501 35F8 21C2 REP= D501 35F8 21D2
+2E0 VER= 4860 21C0      REP= 4860 21D0
+2E8 VER= 5870 21C4      REP= 5870 21D4
This is only for 5.1. The releases before that had the fields in the same location. Future versions of PROFILER will use a the new documented interfaces (GETFLD+EXTRACT).

(new since 5/July/2012)

A new HW supported way

Lately z10 and z11 (or z196/z114) have the CPU-measurement-facility. This facility allows to sample with the help of HW (and find out other info like MIPS). The support is explored by the other op-sys (name is HIS, Hardware Instrumentation Service) and there are commercial products exploring this.
Here is a link to an extension to PROFILER exploring this HW.

(new since 20/Aug/2008)

The solution for COBOL and PLI only:

Since the demise of FCOBOL the option COUNT is gone as well. Here is a replacement for it. It has also support for wall-clock timing. More details on the implementation and what you can do with it can be found here.

The solution:

With VSE-PROFILER you get a program that can up to 300 times per second sample the PSW of another partition. The free code comes with a PROFEXIT in source that can be tailored to your own needs. The way it comes it sumarises and sorts the entries in the sample-table.

You can see from the output of PROFEXIT that

Sample of reformated data (new on 26th of Dez 2005)

Questions and Answers that came up during pre-GA

Contact me for further questions.

Download the program. This is all you need.

For those interested in the details: The source for the PROFEXIT is here.