The problem:

CEE (or LE) is here and it is here to stay. Unfortunately VSE is not the flagship in S/390. As a result good stuff is added first to the other OP-sys.

Here is something inspired by the other one. It helps to debug LE-conforming assembler routines. In plain vanilla LE/VSE you get all GREGs, the offset into your routine and the PSW.

With 1.4.1 you get the area (16 bytes) where the PSW points to.

If you want more ....read on.

The Solution:

With the program CEEABND you get aside of the standard LE-stuff answers to the following questions:
Is the address valid in 24 bit mode (*)
Is the address valid in 31 bit mode (*)
Is it Read-Only (*)
What is where the GREGs point to (*)
What is at the location of operand one and two (if appropriate) (*)
What is in the linkage-stack (if in use)
(if it is a COBOL) What Base-locator addresses the fields
(if it is a COBOL with TEST(..,SYM)) What fields are affected
--->new ---> (if it is a COBOL with TEST(..,SYM))  What where the last three instructions executed
(*) This is what you get, when you use the MVS-Version.
I found that most of the info I need from a dump is in the answers to the above questions.

Included in CEEABND is a READ-ME file that explains all the needed steps to get it to run.