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Notice (added 24. of April 2012):

PUN4IPT was free for over 7 years. The upgrade to support z/VSE 5 is not free. It will cost some money. It is yet undecided, but it will be some 3 digits number of Euros (or Dollars).

Notice (updated 6. of Mar 2005):

It does sound like PUN2IPT and it does in fact work with the same routines. But PUN2IPT was designed for a REXX-environment only. Triggered by discussions on VSE-L PUN2IPT was adapted to a plain vanilla VSE-environment (without REXX).

The Problem:

Compiles with more than one step, that interprets the card-deck, are tricky to construct. Either you use SYSPCH/SYSIPT assignments (unblocked I/O to disk, does not work in dynamic partitions) or IESINSRT (molesting of POWER, tricky nesting).

The Solution:

PUN4IPT creates, when started, a local (per partition) dataspace for the intermediate card-images. It intercepts I/Os on the LIOCS level, and puts/gets records to/from the dataspace.
The advantages in a nutshell:
Faster than IESINSRT (no POWER, no job initiation/termination)
Faster than SYSPCH/SYSIPT (no I/O at all, no space wasted)
Easier to manipulate than IESINSRT
And (to quote a happy user) the best: no more wrong SYSPCH or SYSIPT assignments

A benchmark:

Michael posted a single figure from a compile of 22000 card COBOL program on a 8Mips box.

Measured unit with SYSIPT/SYSPCH  assign to disks with PUN4IPT change
Elapse-time  181 sec 125 sec -31%
Comment: very high blocking (none at all all records in continues storage) and almost no pathlength to get the job done.

Vernassa conducted a benchmark doing 90 CICS-Compiles comparing PUN4IPT with DISP=I method.
Measured unit with DISP=I with PUN4IPT change
Elapse-time in F4 346 sec 316 sec -9%
CPU-time in F4 112.37 sec 119.33 sec +6%
CPU-time in POWER 101.97 sec 70.50 sec -31%
I/Os in POWER 21357 9407 -66%
Comment: Minor extra CPU-time in F4 for a reduction of 66% of I/Os in POWER and 31% CPU-time reduction for POWER is worth mentioning.

Please be aware that this will only work on a z/VSE before 5.1.

For a version that supports z/VSE 5 and above - please get in touch with me. martin@pi-sysprog.de

To get a copy, click here - It is the installation(trial) for the REXX-feature - but does of course contain PUN4IPT.