SNMP in/from z/VSE

Here is my attempt to show what is possible with SNMP in z/VSE. Yes, there is little extra work. But it is rewarding.
Please use your mouse to move over the areas you like to have some more info about.
For further questions, I urge you to get in touch with me.

The follwing pictures assumes that you do have some basic background of VSE and that the words JCL, CICS and POWER do make sense to you.

Did I mention that PISNMP01 and PISNMP09 come for free. Download them from here

Here is code as a POC, that shows distribution of CPU-time. Data is from IBM and my own plugin (PISNMP10). Also includes two REXXes to run on a platform that can retrieve SNMP-data. One shows just IBM data (and needs no other code in VSE) - the other shows overall CPU with distribution. Explanation with pictures are here

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Some code for a linux with plasma desktop to display CPU-usage of a VSE system based on standart OIDs (they come with basic z/VSE). The display is refreshed at intervalls, that are defined in the plasmoids attribute.
This is just a start. Modify it to your hearts desire.

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A presentation with 7 foils showing code, that makes available to any SNMP-Monitor the current state of defined jobs (or sequences of jobs). There are absolutly no modifications to the jobs, aside of a single EXEC.
If you would like to try it on your z/VSE without any obligation, here is your chance: download and install this. It has support for three state reporters and does not support logging of the activities.